Hockey Victoria

Victorian Men's Masters Trials & Championship

Victorian Men's Masters Trials & Championship

Hockey Victoria are now accepting nominations from eligible MALE hockey enthusiasts for selection in the 2019 Victorian Men's Masters Hockey Squad.

Masters hockey is one of the fastest growing forms of hockey in Australia. It doesn’t mean you need to have ‘mastered’ the craft of playing hockey! It’s open to anyone aged 35 and older. Formerly known as veterans or vets hockey, masters hockey is played in dedicated incremental age-groups, starting at the 35+ age group, meaning you only play against people of a similar age. The grades progress in five year increments (i.e. 40+, 45+, 50+ etc.) and there are even competitions for players in the 75+ age-group.


2019 Australian Championsips

Hockey Australia have announced that Bunbury and Busselton will host the 2019 Men’s Masters Australian Championships in September and October.

The Men’s Masters, which will take place from September 28 to October 12, have been held annually since 1980.

The Men’s Masters Australian Championships is Hockey Australia’s largest participation event with 85 teams comprising of over 1,800 participants from across the country playing in excess of 300 games of hockey in 16 exciting days of competition. In addition, there will be hundreds of supporters that accompany the 85 teams that will compete across 16 days of action.

The matches will be split across the two towns. Bunbury has two pitches and will host approximately 200 matches, while Busselton will host approximately 100 matches.


OVER 35's, 40's & 45's Sept 28 - Oct 6
OVER 50's, 55's, 60's, 65's, 70's & 75's Sept 30 - Oct 12
#NOTE - dates will be confirmed by Hockey Australia upon final team nominations.

Victorian Accommodation

Victorian squad management have sources a range of accommodation for the duration of our stay in the Busselton region.

Accommodation allocations are dependent on the numbers for each team.  Successful nominees will receive further information and a link for accommodation requests in the selection pack, post trials.


Selection Criteria

To nominate for a HV State Team you MUST be a registered member of Hockey Victoria.

Please click here to register with Hockey Victoria for 2019 membership if you are yet to do so.

If you have registered with HV for your 2019 Membership, please use the same log in details to complete your nomination.


Over 35's Jan 1, 1980  -  Dec 31, 1984 35  -  39
Over 40's Jan 1, 1975  -  Dec 31, 1979 40  -  44
Over 45's Jan 1, 1970  -  Dec 31, 1974 45  -  49
Over 50's Jan 1, 1965  -  Dec 31, 1969 50  -  54
Over 55's Jan 1, 1960  -  Dec 31, 1964 55  -  59
Over 60's Jan 1, 1955  -  Dec 31, 1959 60  -  64
Over 65's Jan 1, 1950  -  Dec 31, 1954 65  -  69
Over 70's Jan 1, 1945  -  Dec 31, 1949 70  -  74
Over 75's <= Dec 31, 1944 75+


The Selection Process

State masters teams normally consist of 16 players, but can consist of as many as 18 and as few as 12 players.

In a number of age groups Hockey Australia offers a second division.  Victoria will select a team to compete in these divisions, numbers permitting.

Trial/Selection Notes

  • One trial is scheduled for each age division. Hockey Victoria reserves the right to conduct a 2nd trial session, should numbers require this to occur.  This can be in the form of games, skills or fitness based training.
  • All nominated players must be able to attend all designated Trials.
  • The designated Chairman of Selectors will chair the selection meetings.
  • Coaches are welcome to have input into decision making, however the final decision remains the responsibility of the selection panel.
  • The HV Disgnated Representative will sit in on all final team selections to oversee the process, but will have no input into team selection.
  • The final team sheet will be submitted to the HV CEO for final ratification.
  • Teams will be published on the HV website and promoted on social media.
  • Non-selected players can request a feedback report if they wish. This request needs to be made within the week following team announcements.
  • Shadow players, if named, will be ranked by position for inclusion into the team in the event of injury or withdrawal.
  • Selectors will consider a range of competencies when assessing final team appointments;
    • Hockey Competencies - distribution skills, receiving, defensive capabilities, elimination & ball carrying, game awareness, penalty corner skills.
    • Trial attendance, current playing level and recent playing history may be considered as part of the selection process, not just the trial itself.
    • A player’s attitude, behavior, leadership and communication skills may also be taken into consideration during all parts of the trial process.



McIvor Reserve, Fogarty Ave, Yarraville VIC 3013

Sunday May 26 Over 55 8am  -  9:30am
  Over 50 9:30am - 11am
  Over 65 11am - 12:30pm
Sunday June 2 Over 45 8am  -  10am
  Over 40 10am  -  12pm
Sunday June 16 Over 35 8am  -  10:30am
  Over 60 10:30am  -  12pm



Elgar Park, Mont Albert North VIC 3171

Tuesday May 28 Over 70 & 75 11am  -  12:30pm

Frequently Asked Questions

When will teams be announced?

Teams will be announced by last week of June

When can I try on uniforms for size?

Uniforms will be available for sizing on the trial day.

How do I order uniforms?

A link will be provided to the online uniform shop.

Full instructions will be provided in the selection package.

When do I order uniforms?

The online uniform shop will be open from June 10th until July 7th.

How do I book accommodation?

You will receive a link to the accommodation request web page in your selection pack.

Accommodation requests must be completed by July 2.

Who organises the flights to Perth?

Each player is responsible for their own travel.

HV will be able to offer group flights if enough players are interested.

Who organises the ground travel in Bubury and Busselton?

Each team will work out the travel for their team.

HV can organise transport if required.

Who organises meals in Bunbury & Busselton?

Each player is responsible for their meals.

What are some of the costs involved in the tour?

PLAYER LEVY approx $300

  • Training expenses
  • Team Entry Levy
  • AMHC International Levy
  • Umpire Levy
  • Team Management & Medical Support


  • (35's, 40's & 45's) approx $800 - $1,000
  • (50's - 75's) approx $1,000 - $1,300


  • Flights $450-$600+
  • Team Kitty: $100 - $150
  • Ground Transport: $150 - $300
  • Food: $150 - $300
  • Uniform: $125 (basic outfit)

When do I meet the rest of the team?

A meeting will be held for each team on Sunday 1st July.

The meeting times will be included in your selection pack.

This meeting will be used to:

  • Meet your team manager.
  • Meet your team mates.
  • Finalise uniform orders
  • Finalise accommodation requests
  • Finalise administrative details.



Nomination Closing Dates

  • COACHES - closes April 29, 2019
  • OFFICIALS & SUPPORT PERSONEL - closes May 6, 2019
  • PLAYERS - closes May 20, 2019
    • Players nomination fee = $44